Love Island: The Game - Villa Season 4 (tbc) Love Island: The Game - Reunion (unreleased)
Role: Senior Narrative Designer

Target Audience: 18-35 Women
Keywords: Romance | Ensemble Dramedy | Interactive Fiction | Branching Narrative | Mobile

+ Led character creation, story branch outlining, and story development sessions and managed documentation of design and narrative guidelines.

+ Reviewed and fed back on character profiles, outlines, and scripts, also implemented notes from IP stakeholders.

+ Set creative standards and guidelines for writing and story in collaboration with Narrative Lead & Product and Data teams and created creative briefs and requirements for writing team.

+ Utilised and commissioned research and data to validate or inform content strategy for interactive game IP.

+ Worked on understanding the audience and their tastes and preferences through player research and other means.

+ Led narrative relationships/partnerships with IP holders/stakeholders.

+ Worked with seniors to align output of writers with game requirements and product requirements.

+ Managed strategic development and delivery of content strategy of content across IP. 

+ Ensured all work undertaken in the department was informed by clearly-expressed guidelines and insights from Product and Data, and that the team understood these insights.

+ Ensured insight from reviews/postmortems and input from game design/product team was integrated into all work.

+ Coordinated with production teams on schedules, times, and priorities.

+ Line managed mid and junior level writers.

Love Island: The Game - Villa Season 3 (2020) Love Island: The Game - Boat Party (2020)
Role: Editor

Target Audience: 18-35 Women
Keywords: Romance | Ensemble Dramedy | Interactive Fiction | Branching Narrative | Mobile

• Ran pre-production on narrative content according to a brief provided by Head of Narrative.

• Worked with content producer to ensure narrative content was delivered on schedule and within spec and undertook writing duties as needed.

• Gave feedback on scripts at first-draft stage & directly edited scripts before submission to stakeholders

• Ensured editorial benchmarks were met in terms of:  Consistency of tone and character voice; Narrative continuity; Correct tone of voice and style of humour; Audience-appropriateness & General quality of writing (both high-level and low-level feedback)

• Created and maintained a repository of knowledge about the project - developed a thorough working knowledge of the plot, mechanics and characters

• Attended and participated in planning meetings for new content

• Helped the team to develop new IP concepts, as well as concepts for the Love Island app

• Ensured content quality was consistent with high-level creative direction and guidelines set by Head of Narrative.

• Helped Fusebox meet goals in terms of representation and social responsibility in the content they produced, and holding them to task if they failed to do so.

• Managed the movement of scripts through the editorial process, including submitting them to stakeholders, collating and implementing feedback from playtesting, and other tasks relating to the production process

 • Provided editorial oversight of allocated writers' output and day to day oversight and management of team of writers.

• Monitored output of allocated writers, along with their general wellbeing and helped them to meet career progression goals.

• Monitored player feedback on content in order to build a robust understanding of what the audience liked and what kinds of mechanics appeal to them

• Participated in and led department-wide administration and development activities as part of the senior team.

UNRD: The Big Question 2 (2019)
Role: Senior Narrative Designer

Target Audience: 18-35 Women
Keywords: Romance | Interactive Fiction | Moblie


+ Continued existing story IP

+ Developed new storyline and additional characters. Also create new story world.

+Worked alongside Lead Narrative to ensure consistency of tone and style across the content.

+ Wrote a season worth of content,​​​​​​​
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